Can I submit requests?

Yes. All clients are welcomed to request any songs, genres, ect they want played during the hours they’ve booked and will be notified well in advance if there is found to be an inability to cover a song

Can you provide your own amplification?

Yes. If the client prefers that Faith is amplified or requests backing tracks then amplification can be provided by Faith or the venue. For group performances amplification must be provided by the venue (overhead or individual mics work best to amplify instruments)

Can you provide insurance?

Yes, Faith and Cinqcopation will provide a certificate of insurance by request

Is there a deposit?

Deposits are accepted but not required for bookings of less than 2 hours and are required for all bookings of 2 hours or more. For Faith deposits are $50, for Cinqcopation deposits are $150 to be paid using the payment options available in the payment section of the contract. If the available payment options don’t work please reach out via email to discuss other possible options

Can we hop on a phone call?

Yes. When you initially reach out via email include what times you’re available for a call as well as your number if you prefer to discuss things over the phone. All clients will receive a direct contact number on or prior to the day of a performance to ensure efficiency

Can you come to the wedding rehearsal?

The wedding rehearsal is not included in the hourly rate. If you want to ensure availability and attendance at the rehearsal you can book Faith or Cinqcopation for the wedding rehearsal as well, otherwise attendance is not guaranteed. Performers will always arrive early enough on the day of the performance to set up tune, ect and be ready to play on time.

I’m throwing an event where performers are paid based on the ticket sales, should I still reach out?

Yes. Faith does many performances at different house shows and other venues where the payout to performers is based on sales and if interested in the event will happily perform. Cinqcopation also performs sets at live shows and if there is interest and availability will also happily perform

I need your services for a little less than 1 hour, what is the rate for that?

There is a minimum charge of 1 hour for all performances

Is the rate per hours performing or for the whole time you’re there?

The rate is for the hours the musicians are required to be on site. If you would like to further discuss pricing and discounts available for multi hour bookings feel free to reach out via email

Do you do studio work?

Yes. Faith and Cinqopation are available to do works for hire. Reach out via email with the rate being offered, the expected time frame/date, the studio location, and a little about what you are looking to have played on your project

My music/entertainment budget for my event is a little less than your rate, is there any room for negotiation?

Yes rates are slightly negotiable for small businesses, community/cultural events, ect but rates are fixed for weddings, parties, ect. If you fit the criteria and would like to discuss pricing options feel free to reach out via email with your budget

About how much are transportation fees usually?

Transportation fees vary largely but are usually $100 at most. The fee depends upon the mode of transportation that needs to be used to get to an event and back and the cost of tickets, gas, or any other transportation expense. All bookings won’t have transportation fees, specifically ones in the Philadelphia area.